Open an IRA before April 18 to Save on the Prior Year’s Taxes


One of the biggest benefits of opening an IRA prior to tax season is the ability to lower tax liability for the prior tax year. That’s because these contributions can be deducted from last year’s taxes all the way up until April 18. Because of this factor, many IRA holders rush to contribute during the month before the April 18 … Read More

What to Look for When Choosing an Investment Company for an IRA


When an IRA is offered by your employer, there’s no need to choose an investment company. The company you work for will have already chosen one, and it will offer you a set variety of retirement account options. If you want to invest for retirement on your own, however, you’ll need to start by deciding which investment firm you want. … Read More

Basic Goals of an IRA


Different types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) offer various savings options for retirement. IRAs help individuals create personal nest eggs for the future. Investing in an IRA for Retirement Selection of a traditional IRA or a ROTH IRA depends on your goals and needs. You may want to discuss the options with your financial or tax advisor, but in general, … Read More

How to Set Up Auto Trading

eOptionAuto Trading

Many investors subscribe to newsletters to get recommendations on which stocks to buy and sell. These newsletters typically send out alerts on a schedule, and this works well for some investors. For those who can’t be there at the precise moment of arrival, however, such emails can represent lost opportunity. This leaves people who missed out wishing that they knew … Read More

How Automatic Trading Works

eOptionAuto Trading

Automatic trading, also known as “auto trading,” is one of the strategies you can use to trade stocks or options without as much personal involvement. Below is some basic information about auto trading to help you decide whether this approach is right for you. What is Automatic Trading? Automatic trading is an approach to stock or options trading that allows … Read More

What Are the Risks Associated with Automatic Trading Services and Newsletter Publisher Trading Alerts?

eOptionAuto Trading

The term “auto trading” means different things to different people. This makes it so that the risks of automatic trading depend on which type is being talked about. In one sense, the term refers to the use of software to execute trades in a live account. Another sense refers to allowing a broker to execute trades for an investor “automatically” … Read More

What Is Direct Access Trading and Who Should Use It?

eOptionDirect Access Trading

The idea of cutting out the middleman has been around forever, but the ability to actually do so often lags behind demand. This has been the case with securities trading for so long that few even realize that it is now possible to handle trades directly. Knowledge of this ability is slowly but surely spreading, though, and now several people … Read More

What Is Day Trading and How Is It Done?

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Stories of getting rich with securities trading, or losing everything due to the same activity, are everywhere. No type of trading, however, seems to capture the imagination like day trading. With it, the popular belief goes, fortunes can be made or lost during a single trading day. This leads many risk-taking investors to get into it with the hopes of … Read More

Market Review: September 6, 2017


quity Market Recap ·      U.S. stocks end higher, paring some of yesterday’s hefty losses (worst daily loss in 3-weeks) as a rebound in the energy sector and news that President Trump and Congressional leader’s ended immediate concerns about a debt default by agreeing to an extension until December 15th helped prop markets higher. Markets also were unphased by news that Fed Vice … Read More

Daily Commentary: 1Option

eOption1Option Commentary

The market is treading water near the all-time high and the price action is choppy. We are in a news vacuum and traders are waiting for the next catalyst. Overseas markets were a little soft and oil prices have been declining. Swing traders should be focused on selling bullish put spreads. If you don’t have all of your positions on, … Read More